A Strong Economic Plan

Our city needs more good-paying jobs. We must do everything possible to create a good climate for job
growth by going the extra mile to secure jobs from firms in growing rather than declining sectors. The
city needs to make job-creating investments with honest, accountable business partners.

Safe Neighborhoods

Our city’s most basic duty is to make our streets, schools, and neighborhoods safe to live and work in. Through strong organizational and fiscal management, we must make sure that our city government meets its responsibility to keep our citizens safe.

Strong Schools

Columbus can only reach its potential when our children do, in a healthy K-12 educational system in harmony with our strong universities. Although the school board is independent, City Council can help lead partnerships to improve our education system.

A City That Works for You

All dealings with the city should be straightforward, affordable, and simple. City Council should take responsibility for monitoring and improving the performance of all city departments as they engage with residents and businesses on everything from permits and code enforcement to utilities.